The Best Travel Gear & Gadgets for 2015

Traveling these days is a lot easier with all the cool travel gear and gadgets available. You may think all you need is a good suitcase and you’re ready to go. That can be true but if you are staying longer than a couple of days or are traveling often you will want to know about all the new and unique travel gear available today to help make your life easier while you are on the go. Before you pack for your big trip read this article and determine what gear is right for you. If you are going to be traveling, you will want to check out these unique and classic items:

Travel Luggage

This is a given if you will be traveling for overnight. Travel luggage comes in all shapes and sizes to fit any travel needs and length. Luggage is also a matter of preference. If you are carrying many high fashion items of clothing, then you would opt for a garment bag over folding the clothes into a suitcase. A duffel bag is suitable for carrying sports equipment or clothing that won’t wrinkle easily. There are five different types of “travel luggage” as explained:

Suitcase- This is the most used item for a traveler and refers to a case that is either hard or soft-sided and may be on wheels. It can hold a couple of days’ worth of clothing and toiletries.

Garment bag- This is a bag that is specific for hangable clothing such as suits and dresses. Carrying clothes in this helps to keep them wrinkle free.

Tote- This is a smaller version of a suitcase without wheels and can be carried over the shoulder. It is also referred to as a carry-on.

Duffel bag- This bag has a particular barrel shape and is carried casually.

Trunk – This is a large box, normally made from wood and large enough to carry clothing and more complex items.

Travel Backpacks

Travel backpacks have grown in popularity over the past decade. Before then backpacks were mainly used by hikers and campers roughing it in the wild. Now you will find travelers who will opt to carry their goods in a bag on their backs. It helps for running through busy, crowded airports than carrying or pulling luggage alone. Travel backpacks are less rugged than the hiker’s backpack and are built for fashion and ease of packing and carrying all travel items. But don’t worry; travel backpacks are tough and able to withstand the rigorous airport luggage handlers. Backpacks are often preferred due to the many pockets and extra places to store items. It may be a great way to use a smaller backpack as a carryon if it meets the right dimensions and weight.

Travel Duffle Bags

Travel duffle bags have transformed over the years like the backpack. Once upon a time duffle bags were used mainly to carry clothing and equipment to the gym. Now travel duffle bags have taken on a fashion makeover and come in many styles and colors. People may opt to carry these boxy bags over suitcases. The smaller ones can be a carryon while larger ones can hold as much as a large wheeled suitcase. In fact, some travel duffle bags will come with wheels and a bar or long straps as well. Some companies will make a line of travel duffle bags in conjunction with their suitcases. It is a matter or preference if you don’t mind a collapsible bag over a formed suitcase. Travel duffle bags tend to weigh less than a hard cover suitcase.

Travel Pillows

Travel pillows are great for long trips where you have to sit for hours. Travel pillows can be simple small pillows to just give a little comfort when needed. Many people prefer to carry a travel pillow so they do not have to sleep on anything else. Other types of travel pillows are shaped like a collar and work to rest comfortably around the neck. This type of pillow offers great support for those who must sit for hours and allows the person the ability to relax and fall asleep without the head falling back or forward. More expensive pillows are made from memory foam and are contoured to help relax a weary traveler. Some people may receive a medical reason for traveling with the right type of pillow to help avoid neck and back pain. Certainly if you travel without a pillow and fall asleep sitting up you may end up with a neck ache from the lack of neck and head support.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are all the rage now, outselling duffle bags, suitcases, and backpacks. These are handy cube-shaped bags that come in many different sizes from small enough to fit in a carry-on bag to large enough to fit within a large suitcase. They are handy to store inside the trunks as well. Packing cubes have zipper closure. Many are made from a tough material but are pliable and easy to store. Many come with mesh panels to allow the items within to breathe. What makes packing cubes so handy is the ability to pull straight out of the travel bag, case, or trunk and store right into dresser or chest drawers or on closet shelves.

Packing cubes are great for organizing for long travel trips. If you can pack your outfits to where you don’t have to unpack all of your bags you will save time and effort in repacking. It is a great way to keep items separated, such as toiletries from clothing.

Travel Organizers

Travel organizers are great items to help keep the traveler’s items together. While they aren’t totally necessary, they do make traveling much easier. Travel organizers come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. Some are made from vinyl or netting and are meant to be used inside a suitcase or other travel type bag. Other may be made from more stylish materials and can be carried either in or outside of a travel bag. Many look like travel bags but contain multiple compartments and pockets in which to keep items well organized. Fold out travel organizers are larger compartmental bags that store items in pockets and fold up for easy storage. They may come with handles, latches, buckles, or zippers.

Travel organizers come in all sizes. If you travel with a lot of jewelry, these little organizers are a lifesaver when it comes to keeping necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets from tangling and mingling with the rest of your packed items. The same holds true for smaller toiletry items, which may need to be stored within their own sealed compartments. A travel organizer will look better than using a bunch of zipper bags.

Money Belts

Money belts are handy items of clothing that you wear in place of a regular belt and use it to store and carry valuables such as paper money, travel papers (folded), and even credit cards. This is a great way to carry valuables without the risk of losing the wallet or purse. Money belts can be for men or women. The belts can be made of leather or vinyl or even a type of cloth. It can come in many colors and styles and look just like a regular belt. Some money belts come with a money clip to hold paper money or a hidden zipped pocket.

A money belt can be worn under clothing such as under the shirt or jacket and not necessarily on the waist band of a pair of pants. If more space is needed to hide money, perhaps you can wear a softer money belt underneath the shirt right above the waistline. This is good for those who have more cash to carry and want to store it away, yet keep it safe on their person.

Travel Router

A decade ago, no one knew what a travel router was and today, if you plan to access the internet, it is a wise piece of travel gear to carry when traveling. Many people have hot spots on their phones and feel a travel router is pointless, but even if you have this, it can help if you must access the internet. For one thing, a hot spot on your phone will cost you in data. Browse the internet for a few minutes while tethering your phone and you will see how fast the data goes. By using a travel router, you can log into the wireless found in so many places such as hotels. It will also give you faster internet than you can probably receive from your phone.

Today there are many different types and styles of travel routers available. They are as inexpensive as around $50 and up. The travel routers come in different sizes so you can hook up all the electronic devices you need from your laptop to your tablets and even your Smartphone. You won’t have to worry about data restrictions and can do what you need to do with your devices while traveling.

Another reason for carrying a travel router is if you plan to carry and use internet devices are in case your phone dies or you lose it. You hope this doesn’t happen but a travel router can be a good back up for the just in case moments when internet connection is imperative.

Travel Power Plug Adapter

A travel power plug adapter is a handy dandy little device that is especially good for traveling abroad. European outlets are different from American outlets and if you try to plug in your electronic devices, this includes hair dryers, tablets, computers, and such, it will not work right. You will run the risk of running the device with too much or too little electricity. The travel power plug adapters help to fix this issue so you can plug in whatever you want without problems.

Digital Luggage Scale

Many people do not think about owning a digital luggage scale, but the truth is if you travel a lot a scale can help to save a lot of money at the airport and other travel outlets. These days, all the luggage is weighed and the passenger is either capped by a certain weight or is charged by the weight. What if you are capped and you’re standing there ready to board the plane. What would you do? You’d have to lighten your luggage or fork over the extra bucks to fly it home. It can cost over one hundred dollars more if your luggage is too heavy. If you travel a lot this is a wise purchase. You can easily find out what each bag weighs before you lug it to the airport or train station and these handy little devices easily fit inside your bags.



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